Google Voice SMS is no longer able to send SMS messages due to Google's new policy on third-party applications accessing its Voice service. Receiving will still work, though I am not sure why you would want to do this. This tweak is now considered nearly-useless. It will not, and most likely cannot be updated. It also seems likely that Google will integrate Google Voice into its Hangouts service. From now on, please use Google's official Google Voice app.

Supports iOS 4 to 7. NO arm64 support! Requires reboot!

Now works on iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads!

A system extension (NOT a standalone app) that seamlessly adds Google Voice messaging capabilities (both sending and receiving) to the iPhone's SMS module. SMS messages can be sent via your Google Voice # in addition to your carrier #; new incoming GV messages are notified and processed as native SMS alongside with carrier SMS messages. Enjoy a true free unlimited SMS messaging experience with your favorite SMS app, including the built-in MobileSMS.

Now supports receiving Push notifications from Official GV App as native SMS messages!

For the Phone counterpart, see "Google Voice Phone" in Karen's Pineapple Repo on Cydia.

This will not add any icons to your home screen; you can configure the options from the Settings app.